Scarab Jet Boats

Scarab Jet Boats

Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award 2016

Scarab Boats have intelligent neutral and reverse (iNR) technology allowing you to shift effortlessly. Typical jet propulsion boats use levers and cables to engage the reverse gate requiring too much elbow grease. INR is fully an electronic system that engages swiftly and accurately every time. Which also allows you to fine tune the gate allowing your boat to be completely neutral. Docking a boat has never been so easy! INR combines neutral positioning and lateral thrust control for low speed handling that is unheard of! Scarab also offers an optional Touch Screen Command center with includes; your engines operating information, shift indicator, mph, rpm, engine hours, fuel capacity, ski cruising, and docking profile.

Scarab’s design team carefully considers and hand picks every component that goes into the boat. They use some of the highest quality hand crafted interior materials and stitching, stainless steel hardware and opulent comfort throughout. Scarab also uses precious metals that provides strength, durability, and beautiful stainless steel hardware that is extremely low maintenance! Scarab also offers innovative features such as: a closed loop engine cooling system, a drive shaft sleeve and lateral thrust control that delivers a quicker reverse.

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